About Us : Data Security for Small Businesses.



CopyNotify!, India's premier Data Protection Software has been designed and developed by CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1999 by founder M. Zarir M. Karbhari, CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd was initially started with the aim to offer outsourced software programming services primarily in the field of communications, networking & security. CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a 'Limited Liability' company which is registered with the Registrar of Companies (Govt. of India)

With over 100 successfully implemented projects involving efforts of over 100,000 programming hours, CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. has catered to the various software SDLC (analysis, design, software coding, testing, deployment) needs of various companies based in the US, UK, Ireland, Japan, Australia and India.

Based on this inherent in house expertise and experience of providing outsourced network and security programming services, a strategic decision was made by CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. in 2007 to develop a security software product of its own which catered to the needs of the small business user. USB CopyNotify!, a data theft protection software specifically for external USB devices was officially released in August 2007. Architected by Mr. Zarir M. Karbhari along with a team of highly trained engineers, USB CopyNotify! soon evolved to CopyNotify! which now offers data protection features for prevention of data theft via USB, CD/DVDs, Attachments , Smart Phones etc.

CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. has always been a GREEN aware company with a particular concern about conservation of energy. This is reflected by the inclusion of Save Energy Feature in CopyNotify! making the software product one of India's premier GREEN Data Security software.



The Customer
Each Customer has his own set of requirements and risks with variation on issues such as business, functionality and cost control. It is the job of CygNET to follow, respect and advise the customer on the same accordingly.

The Quality Expected
No quality means no client. The implementation of quality control at every stage of development, testing and implementation support is the corner stone of a successful completion of good data protection solutions.

Application of Technology
Adequate amount of our resource base is devoted to the program of Research & Development of technology areas hence providing the best-suited & appropriate technology solution to a defined issue.



Mr. Zarir M. Karbhari
Mr. Z. M. Karbhari is the Founder and Managing Director of CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. He also is the Chief Architect of CopyNotify! (formely USB CopyNotify!). He has a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization elective in Computer Aided Design and also a Diploma in Computer Aided Engineering & Finite Elemental Analysis.

'Data Protection Solutions should cater to the customer's requirement and not the programmers requirement' has always been the underlying principal in his decision making process right from inception of CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Karbhari ensures he is directly involved in customer support, programme management as well all delivery / deployment implementations.

Ms. Susan Paul

Ms Susan Paul - Director : Susan has a Master’s Degree in Computer Management and over 15 years experience in IT. She ensures the smooth running of all production and logitic related activities at CygNET Systems Pvt. Ltd and also contributes to various projects as a senior level developer in .NET related technologies.

'A business without belief and honesty is worthless' is an attitude that encompasses her responsibility as a Board of Member.


Corporate Growth Accelerators

Mr. Ashish Khandelwal

Chartered Accountant with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing, assurance and attest functions and financial management. Direct experience with IT start ups setting operations in India, back office accounting for Indian subsidiaries of US companies, compliance and documentation in SOX

Mr. Nilesh Khandelwal

Neelesh is a leading Direct Tax Litigation Practitioner. He specializes in formulating litigation support strategy for large corporates. He is currently the President of The Pune Chartered Accountants’ Society.


Senior Engineering

Mr. Ivan Sequeira
Mr. Ivan Sequeira is key to research and development that is required for cutting edge software technology being brought into the office of our customers. With over 10 years of experience and a degree in electronics Mr. Ivan Sequeira is responsible channelizing results of research and development being amalgamated into mainstream product development.

Ms. Ashwini Jagtap

With a degree in computer engineering, Ms Ashwini Jagtap leads the development team in product implementation and testing. With over 6 years of experience in C/C++ design and programming, she ensures the crystallization of vapourware concepts into realistic software deliverables.