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User Account Monitoring Software

Logged on User has 'ADMIN' privileges.

Higher the privilege level, more are the chances of unauthorized copying of data by Insiders. Not all users should be given administrative privileges and it is this basic security policy that CopyNotify! keeps track of. As soon as a User who has been given administrative privileges logs into any computer , an alert is generated of the same.


User has logged on remotely using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) is used very often by users to log into computers without having to physically be in office. This can be a security risk if the person who has remotely logged into the computer is not an authorized user of the office and is using this remote connection for malicious activities such as Data Theft. CopyNotify! raises an alert as soon as a remote logon via RDP is sensed on any machine of the office network.


Computer has been Logged into "After Office Hours'.

Work on the computer is done by users normally with office hours under authorized supervision and control. Users Logging onto computers after office hours could be an indication of a security risk as it gives rise to the question of why the computer is being operated after office hours. CopyNotify! monitors User Accounts that have been logged into beyond office hours.


Password have 'not been set to expire' Alert.

This compliance friendly data protection software checks whether a User's Password has been set to expire. If the Password has been not set to EXPIRE then an notification of the same is raised. Setting a password to expire is considered a good anti data theft practice.


Password has 'not been set' Alert.

Very often there are User Accounts that have been created without passwords. This practice is not recommended for any kind of credible information security strategy. With its User Account Monitoring software feature, CopyNotify! raises an alert as soon as a Logon without a password occurs.


User Log on Failure.

CopyNotify! continuously monitors User Logons and keeps track of any Log on Failures on any computer in office. Repeated Log on Failures could be an indication that there is a possible unauthorized user trying to log on to a computer in office and is trying to guess the password at every attempt. CopyNotify! raises an alert as soon as it senses a Logon failure on any computer in office thus contributing to the Data Loss Protection strategy of the office.


User Account Locked Out Alert.

Many offices apply a security policy such that if there are 2-3 invalid logon attempts into a User Account, that particular account automatically gets locked out. This security policy reduces the possibility of unauthorized users trying to log onto the account multiple times using different passwords each time in an attempt to guess the password. CopyNotify!, with its account monitoring software feature raises an alert as soon as any account on the computer get locked out.


Lock User After Idle Notification (Save Energy).

If a user is not working on the computer , it is a good security practice to either log out or lock that user logon so that no unauthorized activity can take place on the unattended computer.  CopyNotify! which already keeps tracks of idle computers with its energy saving software feature now automatically also locks the User if the computer is found idle.