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How to select a USB Security Software Solution ?

By Mr. Zarir. M. Karbhari - Founder & CEO of CopyNotify!

Using the USB stick or USB Drive is one of the most convenient methods of data transfer that exists today. But with its ease of use, availability and huge storage capacity it has also become a major tool in the arsenal of persons wanting to steal your confidential data. Devices like smart-phones, cameras and mpeg players that have a USB interface are now also being used to transfer data out of the office in an unauthorized manner. As a small business, theft of confidential data from the office PCs via external USB devices can be disastrous and can have severe repercussions.

Currently specialized USB security software systems, used for protecting confidential data on any desktop PC or laptop have emerged as crucial and viable USB security solutions for any small business office. Although these data security solutions that disable USB or Block USB storage devices are freely available and quite efficient, selecting the appropriate USB disk security solution for your office network can become a confusing matter. The real issue that crops up is whether the said anti data theft USB security software that you intend to purchase satisfies the data security needs of your office.

The following are some criteria on which the selection of the appropriate USB Security software for your small business office network can be based: -

1. Does the USB Security software have the features you really need? No point buying software with multiple features when you will probably use only 25% of the features. You need to remember you are paying for those extra features which you are never going to use.

2. The basic features that any USB Disk Security Software should have are a) To Disable USB b) To allow only Authorized USB Sticks (White Listing) c) Read / Write Access Control of USB d) Disabling of Auto Run e) Good reporting and logging mechanisms to keep track of all USB activity of all computers on the office network.

3. The USB security software should allow you to install, configure and monitor all components on the office network as well as view all alerts / notifications / logs from a central location/single computer. You should not have to go to each computer to install/configure/monitor the software.

4. Look for USB Disk Security Software that will work on your current configuration of computers connected to the network. Having to upgrade computers just because particular software does not work on them can be very costly.

5. Is the data security software practical enough to setup, configure and maintain considering the level of technical expertise already available in the office? It really makes no sense buying a disable USB or block USB software and then having to spend more money employing someone just to take care of it.

6. You might be purchasing packaged USB security software but knowing what kind of service support will be available from the software vendor after purchase is also important.

All small business owners should always decide their USB security policy first and then buy the appropriate USB disk security solution. Do not go and buy a data security solution based on the recommendation of a software vendor and then decide your data security policy based on the features of the software.

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