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Energy Conservation in a small office is not as difficult as it seems....

By Mr. Zarir. M. Karbhari - Founder & CEO of CopyNotify!

According to me it has only been recently that issues such as energy conservation, effects of global warming, saving the earth etc. are really been taken more seriously by the small business office. Better late than never I would say.

We are all to blame for this as we all felt that as small business owners there was not much we could do and very conveniently left this responsibility to our governments hoping their agreements and efforts of decreasing the release of green house gases by the industrialized & developing nations as well as stopping the deforestation in South America would be some of things that would really solve the problem.

But if given a thought seriously all of us could really contribute to saving the earth and conserving energy in our own little way.

How do we conserve energy in a small office ?

1. Switch off Lights, Fans & Air Conditioners when not in use
More often that not, we leave electrical equipment such as lights, fans and ACs on even when there is no - one in the room/cabin. It could be that all have gone for lunch or for a meeting so if there is a room that is empty and and not in use it really makes no sense to leave the lights, fans or ACs of that room on. Not only would you be conserving energy but also reducing your electricity bill.

2. Those 24 X 7 Lights in the toilets and washrooms.
This is one place where I have always noticed that the lights are always on. Why do you need a light on in the toilet and the wash room when not in use ?

3. Printers , Printers & Printers
Switch on the printers only when you need to take print outs. It will give you some exercise too if it is not next to your desk. No need to leave it on the whole day.

4. Switch off computers when not in use.
I have seen so many employees so often leave their computers on when they leave for the day or perhaps when they go for lunch / tea. Switch off the inactive computer or put it into hibernate as this would definitely help in the conservation of energy.

I had noticed this so often in my office that I decided to add Save Energy Alert feature in our data protection software, CopyNotify!. As soon as it detects a computer has been on and not being used for over 15 minutes , it sends me a notification of it. I then look into the matter and ensure that the computer has not been left on unnecessarily.

5. Use Energy Saving Bulbs.
I have now replaced most of my bulbs in office with energy saving bulbs and have noticed a notable reduction in my electricity bills. Might be slightly expensive to replace them all together but you could do it over a period of time and you can see for yourself that it does help. Electricity bills being less means less energy consumed means more energy conserved.

6. Lifts and Elevators are such a waste of energy
If your office is located on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor/storey of a building, use the stairs and avoid using the lift/elevator. Not only is the exercise good for your health but a LOT of energy is saved by not using the lift/elevator

These are 6 simple yet effective steps that would help conserver energy.

Perhaps the difficult part is to be disciplined and consistent about it but if you consider the fact that is our Earth at stake it will be well worth the effort. We have only one Earth so lets do everything to save it.

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