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What is this AutoRun and how does it affect me ?.

By Mr. Zarir. M. Karbhari - Founder & CEO of CopyNotify!

Recently there has been a big spike of Malware Infections using the AutoRun feature of Windows.
Read : Autorun malware infections spike - SC Magazine

What is this Autorun ?

Autorun is a feature of the Windows Operating System that automatically runs a program / application that resides on a USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD as soon as it is inserted into the system.

How can Autorun be a cause of malware infection ?

As indicated Autorun is the ability of the OS to auto start a program / application residing on storage media such USB & CD/DVDs as soon as the said devices are inserted into the system. Now if that program / application that is automatically run just *happens* to be a Virus , Trojan or Malware application then your PC gets infected immediately which could then have consequences such as loss of performance, data loss or data theft.

How can you protect yourself ?

You can disable the Autorun via Windows Updates or you can use the 'Autorun Disable' feature of CopyNotify!.

Once Autorun is disabled, the aspect of Malware infection is greatly reduced as the Auto startup of programs on insertion of USB Flash Drives / CD/DVDs does not take place.

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