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Device Control Software

Monitor CD Burns OR Switch off usage of CD / DVDs


The Device Control Software feature of CopyNotify! allows CD/DVDs across all computers in offices to be switched off from a central location hence restricting the unauthorized burning of data and reducing the possibility of a Data Breach.

The Disable CD Drive feature is accompanied by notifications of CD Drive activity such as Open / Close of CD Door as well as the possibility of a CD BURN.



Stop Data Leakage via Smart Phones and Mobile Phones.

Data from any office PC can be easily transferred in an unauthorized manner to handheld devices such as Smart Phones via Bluetooth Communications.

With the inbuilt device control software feature, CopyNotify! disables all Bluetooth Communication Interfaces so as to restrict theft of data from office computers via Mobile Phones or Smart Phones.



Stop internet upload of data using Modem Disable Software Feature.

Portable Modems can easily be used by employees in a office to connect to the internet and upload corporate data without authorization thus resulting in a data security breach.

Using the CopyNotify! Device Control Software feature, use of portable modems can be restricted such that connecting to the internet is disabled hence reducing the Insider Threat of Data Theft.