Data Security Solutions for Small Offices.

CopyNotify! is a compliance friendly data loss prevention software that monitors user account activity,  restricts the unauthorized copying of corporate data via USB Drives, Smart Phones (Via Bluetooth), the internet (via portable Modems), CD/DVDs, Emails and Malware.

Copynotify! is an endpoint security software that restricts business data being copied onto USB removable storage media by blocking access to unauthorized USB Flash & ZIP Drives and devices.

Stop the copying of company data onto USB Flash Drives / Devices.

This USB Blocker software controls and blocks the copying of confidential data onto USB Sticks. By blocking usage of USB storage media, CopyNotify! ensures no data can be transferred onto the USB drives and taken out of office without permission and proper supervision.

The USB Blocker feature also has a White Listing feature which ensures that only business owner authorized USB Pen Drives can be used on office computers while all other USB Drives and Devices will be blocked.

Disallow DELETION of Data (READ Only) on USB Drives.

With CopyNotify!, an USB Security Software for Business Owners,data on USB pen drives can be made 'READ ONLY' hence allowing only the viewing of data on the USB Stick but disabling any 'WRITE' operations on it.


Making USB Drives 'READ Only' allows the office the convenience of viewing data on the USB drive but ensures confidential data cannot be deleted and neither can the USB Drive be used to copy any new data on it.

Logging of all USB Drive activity.

The CopyNotify! USB Disable software continuously logs all operations being executed by a user on external USB Storage Media/Drives such as which computer, which user, copied what data , at what time and where was this data copied.

Built around a sophisticated Data Loss Prevention Software Framework, CopyNotify! can block browser based uploads of files into Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter.

Block Email Attachments

Whenever a file is uploaded as an attachment for an email in a webmail client such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail, an alert is  generated by the email security feature of CopyNotify! hence reducing the risk of confidential data being sent out of the office.
Drag and Drop is currently not supported.

Monitor Browser Based Email Attachments

With its email security software feature, CopyNotify! can also be used to just to monitor file attachments that are being uploaded via the file select dialog box and are being sent via Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.
Drag and Drop is currently not supported.

Auto Run is a feature of the Windows Operating System which causes the  auto start up of programs residing on the USB flash drive as soon as the USB drive is inserted into a computer.

CopyNotify! prevents data loss with its disable USBAutorun feature which switches off USB Autorun across all computers on the office network. Hence by turning off this USB Auto Run, Malware infection via USB is reduced drastically and the integrity and security of business data is increased.


One of the foremost tasks of a data leak prevention software is to disable possible communication routes for the copying of data.


Stop Data Leakage via Smart Phones and Mobile Phones.
Data from any office PC can be easily transferred in an unauthorized manner to handheld devices such as Smart Phones via Bluetooth Communications.

With this inbuilt device control software feature, CopyNotify! disables all Bluetooth Communication Interfaces so as to restrict theft of data from office computers via Mobile Phones or Smart Phones.

Stop internet upload of data using WIFI/Modem Disable Software Feature.

Using the CopyNotify! Device Control Software feature, use of portable modems or WIFI can be restricted such that connecting to the internet is disabled hence reducing the Insider Threat of Data Theft.



The Device Control Software feature of CopyNotify! allows CD/DVDs across all computers in offices to be switched off from a central location hence restricting the unauthorized burning of data and reducing the possibility of a Data Breach.

The Disable CD Drive feature is accompanied by notifications of CD Drive activity such as Open / Close of CD Door as well as the possibility of a CD BURN.


Unauthorized Software Installations & Uninstalls.
CopyNotify! keeps tracks of software that is being installed or uninstalled by any user on any computer in the office. As soon as an entry is added / removed from Add Remove Programs (Software Features) in the Control Panel, CopyNotify! raises an alert of this operation. Keeping track of software being installed / uninstalled on computers enhances the data security and audit initiatives in office.

Disable REGEDIT (Registry Editor)

CopyNotify! disables the usage of Registry Editor across all the computers in the office. ffices. Restricting unauthorized modifications to the Registry Settings of a computer reduces the possibility of persons within the office tampering with the configurations of critical applications such Anti - Virus, Anti - Malware, Firewall and other computer software.


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User Account Monitoring

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Management Features

Data Leakage Protection Tools : Copy Notify!
  • Small Office Network Edition
  • Multiple PC deployment from
    a single location
  • Centralized Monitoring and
  • History Updates, Desktop Alerts
    and Email Alerts
  • Filters and File logging
  • Runs on Win XP (SP2) / Vista
    Win 7 / Win 2003 / Win 2008
  • Compatible for 32bit & 64bit

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