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Small Business USB Security Software

Stop the copying of company data onto USB Flash Drives / Devices.

This USB Blocker software controls and blocks the copying of confidential data onto USB Sticks. By blocking usage of USB storage media, CopyNotify! ensures no data can be transferred onto the USB drives and taken out of office without permission and proper supervision.

The USB Blocker feature also has a White Listing feature which ensures that only business owner authorized USB Pen Drives can be used on office computers while all other USB Drives and Devices will be blocked.

CopyNotify! is a USB Security Software that monitors devices like USB Sticks, Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, mpeg Players, Digital Cameras and any such computing devices that is connected to the computer via USB.


Disallow DELETION of Data (READ Only) on USB Drives.

With CopyNotify!, an USB Security Software for Business Owners, data on USB pen drives can be made 'READ ONLY' hence allowing only the viewing of data on the USB Stick but disabling any 'WRITE' operations on it.


Making USB Drives 'READ Only' allows the office the convenience of viewing data on the USB drive but ensures confidential data cannot be deleted and neither can the USB Drive be used to copy any new data on it.


Logging of all USB Drive activity.

The CopyNotify! USB Disable software continuously logs all operations being executed by a user on external USB Storage Media/Drives such as which computer, which user, copied what data , at what time and where was this data copied.