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Email Attachment Security

Top Email Attachment Blocking Software : Copy Notify!









Gmail is a trademark of Google, Inc.
Hotmail is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
Yahoo is a registered trademark of Yahoo Inc.


Block & Monitor Email Attachments from Yahoo, Hotmail & Gmail.

CopyNotify! includes secure email software features which help reduce the possibility of a corporate data security breach via file attachments

Block Email Attachments

Whenever a file is uploaded as an attachment for an email in a webmail client such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail, an alert is  generated by the email security feature of CopyNotify! hence reducing the risk of confidential data being sent out of the office.

Monitor Email Attachments

With its email security software feature, CopyNotify! can also be used to just to monitor file attachments that are being sent via webmail clients such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.